Township of Readington, New Jersey



2021 Planning Board Members

Name Title Class Term
Ronald P. Monaco Chair IV 12/31/21
Cheryl Filler Vice Chair IV 12/31/21
John Albanese Board Member I 12/31/21
Julia C. Allen Board Member IV 12/31/24
Jerry Cook Board Member II 12/31/23
Cheryl Filler Board Member IV 12/31/23
Betty Ann Fort Board Member III 12/31/21
Christopher John Board Member IV 12/31/22
Ronald P. Monaco Board Member IV 12/31/24
Adam Mueller Board Member IV 12/31/23
Tonya Rohrbach 1st Alternate   12/31/21
Jacqueline Hindle 2nd Alternate   12/31/21
Jonathan Drill, Esq. Attorney    
Michael Sullivan Planning Consultant    
Jay Troutman Traffic Engineer    
Rob O’Brien Engineer    
 Ann Marie Lehberger Secretary    

The Planning Board meets the 2nd & 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the court room at the Municipal building. 

“Crib Sheets” for Determinations that Can Be Made and Relief that Can Be Granted by a Planning Board