Township of Readington, New Jersey

The Readington Township Police Department is proud to announce a new program which allows officers quick access to residences of senior citizens and other eligible residents in the event of an emergency.

The program, Operation Blue Angel, is free for eligible residents 55 years of age or older and live alone or will be alone for extended periods of time on a regular basis; or persons with a medical condition(s) that could lead to incapacitation and who live alone or are alone for extended periods of time on a regular basis; or live with another individual and meet any of the requirements.

If a resident is eligible for the program, a lockbox, which is owned and maintained by the Police Department, will be placed on the participant’s door knob by an officer. The lockbox will contain a key to the residence (which the resident must supply). The key will only be accessed by responding officers in the event of an emergency where officers cannot gain access to the residence by traditional means. The Operation Blue Angel program lockbox will not be accessed by anyone for any other reason.

Participation is completely voluntary, free, and may be stopped or started at any time. In addition to providing emergency services access in an emergency, where seconds count, the program promotes safety and peace of mind at home.

If interested in applying for the program, applications are available at the Readington Township Police Department or accessible here.