Township of Readington, New Jersey


 Surface Treatment to the following Township Roads:

  • Rockaway Rd,
  • Holland Brook Rd (portion),
  • Forty Oaks Rd,
  • Pine Bank Rd,
  • Chambers Brook Rd, Sycamore Ln, Birch Ln, Smith’s Branch Rd,
  • Washington Dr,
  • Edgewood Rd (portion),
  • Park Ln,
  • Willow Ct,
  • Tall Pines Ln,
  • Dorsett Ln,
  • Streets within Three Bridges (Center, Case, High, Grove, Broad)

The Readington Township Department of Public Works will have a contractor perform surface treatment to these roads on or about Wednesday 7/29/20 through Wednesday 8/5/20.  Weather permitting.

Please have all vehicles off the road until you see the work has been completed.  Make sure no vehicles are parked on the street until the road has been resurfaced.  If there are vehicles that are left, we may be forced to tow them at the owner’s expense.

The contractor typically begins the workday around 7:30 am and will finish up in the mid-afternoon.  When we are in a development, or on a particular street, they start at one end of the road doing one lane at a time.  This leaves the other lane open for access.  NOTE: Do not cross onto fresh oil that does not have stone applied (stay in the lane as directed).

We will have Flaggers on the project to communicate with motorists in the work zone.  Residents may experience a delay in being able to get in or out of their driveway as the operation moves along in front of their home.  Note: with any surface treatment, do not turn your steering wheel if you are not moving (i.e. entering/exiting the driveway), make sure steering is accompanied by movement.  If you need to be somewhere at a certain time, please be aware of this and  make arrangements to move your vehicle before the operation gets to your home (plan ahead, leave early, park down the street at a neighbor, etc.).  Bear in mind the operation is continually moving (albeit quickly) which makes it difficult to predict exactly where and when individual residents will be impacted.