Township of Readington, New Jersey



2024 Environmental Commission Members

Name Title Term
Robert Becker Chair 12/31/24
Neil Hendrickson Commission Member 12/31/26
Jason Giroud Commission Member 12/31/26
Susan Masinda Commission Member 12/31/26
Stephen H. Foster Commission Member 12/31/25
Jonathan Heller Commission Member 12/31/24
Cassandra Ward Commission Member 12/31/24 
Jeff Charney 1st Alternate 12/31/24
Stephanie Panico 2nd Alternate 2 years - 12/31/25

The Environmental Commission meets  at 7:00 PM at the municipal building. 

Environmental Commission:

Environmental Resource Inventory -2023

Good News! Readington Township has attained Sustainable Jersey Certification!

Readington Township Plastic Ban


Characteristic Flora & Fauna

Characteristic Flora & Fauna - Grasslands

Critical Habitats

Successional Habitats

Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Ash Tree Decline – Tips & Links

Ash Tree Information

Invasive Species Removal Project

Emerald Ash Borer Information for Homeowners

Interested in making great compost and building a free compost bin? Put your kitchen scraps, leaves, old newspapers and garden clippings to use:
CLICK HERE for an instructional video from the folks at Growing A Greener World.


Deer Management Program 2024-2025

Hunting Club 2024 - 2025 

Results of Deer Surveys 2023

Hunting Season Safety - Wildlife Advisory Subcommittee

Deer Management Program 2023-2024

Deer Management Report Form

Return of the Cicadas Video

Periodical Cicada 2021

Spotted Lanternfly Information

Water and Well Testing:

For questions regarding Community Well & Water Testing, please contact the Raritan Headwaters Well Testing Program Manager, Samantha LaRocca at 908-235-1852 x 40, or go to for testing information and to order test kits.

Water Conservation

Solutions To Stormwater Pollution (84 KB)

Pet Waste Pollutes Our Waters (59 KB)

Environmental Figures:

Figure 18 - Wood Turtle and Bald Eagle (5.2MB)

Figure 19 - Grasslands (5.9MB)

Figure 20 - Forest (6.4MB)

Figure 21 - Forested Wetlands (6.5MB)

Figure 22 - Emergent Wetlands (5.5MB)




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