Township of Readington, New Jersey
Caregivers of individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) know them better than anyone, but that is not always true for others that interact with those with ASD.
The Hunterdon County Police Chiefs Association has developed a Blue Envelope Program, modeled on a program first developed and distributed in the State of Connecticut. The purpose of the Blue Envelope is to improve the interaction between a driver with ASD and a Police Officer on a traffic stop.
The primary goal of the Blue Envelope is to assist drivers with ASD with document organization and to help them understand what to do on a motor vehicle stop. Secondly, the Blue Envelope provides Police Officers with the means to quickly identify an operator of a motor vehicle who has ASD and helps guide Police Officers with the interaction.

The Blue Envelopes are available at each Police Department, the Sheriff's Department, the Prosecutor's Office, and the State Police Barracks within Hunterdon County.